Saturday, March 10, 2012

Letting it be

Feeling a bit wordless I'll leave it at that.... some obilgations but wanting to be a Yard Tender today or all weekend long.

These are the 6 piece of 10 that I'm sending to the Flying Pig in Algoma.. they are 8 x 8s with a 2" mat and finished size 12 x 12 just like my Tack Down Tuesday.

 Day 8
 One of 1
 Peeking through
 Sailing blue waters
Spring emerges

All of these collage came from my collage sketch book...I'm going through the sketch book and pulling from them design conepts and having a great time with them..


  1. I love all of these! I even attempted to make a paper collage in my journal and I like it! It was your influence that caused me to try it. I'm sure these will sell fast in Algoma.

  2. Laura ...I am loving the color in these pieces!! They are fun & stimulating!!


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