Wednesday, February 29, 2012

some cleaning and some paperwork

All my supplies from the weekend are back up stairs and in the studio, I need to put them away so I can walk in there at lest...amazing to me how really limited space I need to create as I did with the Tack Down Tuesday...set some limit and you set a challenge for me, then I got to see if I can do it..competive with bet..

I spent the day grounding myself and getting back into the things but still feel a bit off. I said yes to a exhibiting opportunity and I had to back the time of year it would be I keep thinking I could handle it sure not problem but what happens when you do something like that you do a shabby job because your spread so as it was I had been thinking about if I should back out and then the other person I was to show with back out and I felt I got a nudge of what I should do too. Not a good things to do and I think this is the First time I had's not fair to all people I'm working with...better now then at the last minute...

I'm vamping things up this year and I see it's a struggle to juggle it all...I feel obligated to do it because of the medium I'm working in...doesn't seem like much is hit the big scene about it but with Collage 100 years old as a Fine Art this's the medium of choice and I feel that keeping up with it and spreading the new is my service work toward it's success. Crazy as it sounds but it's my thoughts on it. Keeps me going strong so back to vamping it up for this year does pose some situations as to juggling the schedule and where arts to be and how many piece I'm to be making and what every else follows.

Crabbing No?  just taking a look at it from the outside in ..

Now to head to the studio I know I could go spend a day in the woods but I'm going to open the studio door up and let the air in and put some music on and get lost in my clutterfied mess and make sense of it...Kind of excited...why is it? when ever I clean my studio ideas star off I go.

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  1. Ok so I lied...I didn't head up to the studio yet...went on search for the Hot foil, gold, silver and copper...oh I love the copper.. not sure if it will work they day the temp needs to be at lest 250 in degrees...and the tack irons get up to even more then that...Oh I hope this works...can't wait till it comes in to give it a try.. Ok now I'm heading up stairs..


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