Monday, February 27, 2012

Back Home

I have picture but now time this book club meeting .."Creative as a verb" I did my reading for this, this morning...I never can remember things so it's got to be fresh on my mind and I took notes for this will be a good discussion as it's about our mothers and children...some really compassionate stuff so I'm excited about hear good conversation of listening and discussion.. I must might do more listening today as I've done my share of talking...this past weekend..

Had a workshop at Mainstreet Art Center in Lake Zurich which couldn't have got better...A friend of mine said it's important to pray first then after it's happen to figure how to fix things...and I know this and I've always tried but this time I really put my thoughts in a good place before hand and just asked for guidance and it was just so wonderful.. Hard work yes but the student just put their whole hearts into and when I have time to get the photo's up you will see.   So off to get the day started, with much gratitude.

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  1. So glad it went well, and yes, the right mind set is vital and the faith that things will unfold to their best!
    I can tell in your *voice* that you had a good time~~enjoy your day my friend!



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