Thursday, January 05, 2012

Preparing for classes

I can't believe how time has flown by this morning...I got a stack of printed handouts for my classes done. Check off the list

Taking on a different approach and hoping to keep the sparks going... I'm excited. I purchased a new Microsoft words 2010 program for my lap top and two other family members can you it and I'm so happy I did..I can do what I've always wanted to for my classes. I re-did a few pages this morning and it went smoothly.  I received this sheet awhile back when I took Anne Morgans workshop but it was faded and hard to I vamped it up...It's not mine and I don't take credit for it but I did re do it.

I had such a ball making the squiggle marks...just amazing how the computer works..and I was just squiggling the lines..

With Composition, one of the things I see is that people don't know where to start and when they start they getting into it but then they get lost..Lost as of they loose the compositional lay-out and then wonder what went wrong.. And their not willing to practice with it and of exercise. I'm no an expert by far, but I use this in the back of my mine all the time. As of keeping in mind what lay-out I start with, though I can decided to add more composition to it as I go to make it more interesting. I feel if I don't know the basic like the crawling, then how do you get to standing up and walking...?

So the day is really getting me excited as I've got to head out to Blick Art Materials today and pickup a few things...Not good though cause I'm a supply junky and always can have one more bottle of paint...hahaha.

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