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Invention vs. Convention

Last section of Week 4 in Walking in the World,
I've heard that others might be having some different feelings about the second book before and I have to admit I do...but mainly more concrete understanding of things as of the way I seek to look at life and the perspective I see with that, which becomes my truth.  

Back to the very first part of the introduction of the book. Where Julia announces this is a Creative Pilgrimage... and with that attitude and perspective possibly is there... You know the cup half full.
too funny I'm pulling this from weeks before and it's wild to re read this...
from the book:
As artists, we are innovators. We experiment and explore. She shares...that we bring a fresh creative energy. We deliberately explore and extend our creative territory and we innovate even further and even more. This is where I think about being a creative Pilgrim.

Invention vs. convention thinking...
Now the conservers focus not on the forward moving edge but on the known territory of "how it's done" and the way it is in the business" and "what will sell"   Be it a bit of a rebel in me or what? but when I get from someone else that I should be doing this and this is how you do it to make money I truly start doubting and going in to self criticism and I also wonder I'm I doing it right? or the rebel rises..but I ask what am I missing..that's the How to's of the art coaching world"  Though  this is counter what I said up above I do follow it to some point but I try to fit into what I've got going on and I don't do it to the tea...I read something awhile back that you have to find our audience your people that will like your work and not everyone will it's a smorgasbord out there of tastes so how can every one be pleased with taking that into consideration and the need to be a creative Pilgrim I walk a path in my own arena of personal successes.. not always sure where it will lead me but I do have some good orderly direction that I seek, daily. 

Conservers want artists to believe that "how it's done" is how it has to be done. here is where I question and look at my own behavior...I share my experience in situation and but I fully understand what works for a pottery and or an oil painter won't always work for When other artists tell me you have to do it this way...I have a inner red flag that flare up and I have to step back and examine it a bit and explore if its for me.  Julia continues to say...As artists when we allow conservers to terrorize us, we are being scared out of our wits-wits being those innovative and inventive smarts that allow us to figure out, always one more way to skin a cat. 

This is where my little stand is about how important "arts" are in all peoples helps us solve problems...become problem able to solve our own problems of course with a little help from a our friends.    We ask more often, How can we do this?

The husband means well and I listen to him often...He's a creative pilgrim too but I have to bring in and  make my own decision about that and where the art/life is going.. I think all my life I've used my dyslexia to my advantage with out even realizing it, as of if I couldn't understand or comprehend I would try my damnedest to find another way...which then becomes an advantage to my personal learning process..A Gift.

As I said I never want to go stale..or be stagnant. Which can be my I don't know how to relax. There is more to the section but this is what hit me, As Artists, we are interested in what can be done rather than how it can't be done.  The Famous living Honest...Open...and Willing. Back to Staying real is one of the hardest things to do.. it's again a daily practice.

Picking up on some other things Julia has in this section, As Artists we must listen most carefully to our inner guidance and secondarily to our outer advisers. This isn't just spiritual law-trusting the still small voice to guide us-it's good business practice as well.. My concern is the small voice where is it coming from...Making sure it's from the gut...the intuitive part in us human being not the bullshit of my mind..sorry don't mean to be nasty but more stern with myself that I know the thinking parts of my mind doesn't always coming out straight...I some times need to not believe the first or second thoughts...You know the censor talk...

Love this part...The business of art is a machine, but an artist is the live, animated spark that runs it. That spark can be extinguished by too much "realism" and too much "I know you don't want to hear this, but..." Well-meaning adviser can advise us straight into a creative slump, straight into a fallow period, straight into a wall of inner resistance. honestly this is a part I have to watch I feel..not that I'm all that but I do have a tendency to advices and I feel I might have done that with our Hummer.. so it that has happened dear Hummer I'm sorry...

OK here comes the cheerleader...As artists we have a form of inner power the adviser can never extinguish or ultimately thwart. and this is always the key.  We've got the connection to the big of Great Creator of all times, who of course loves us all,and has a special spot for the creative ones just as he is...Not trying to convert anyone or turn you way...just stating a fact in my book.

 try it out...Ask....Believe ....and ...Receive.  if you were in a twelve step program you might look at it this way...ask for serenity....Believe there is something that can give it to you and then receive it by listening and turning over your ways and look out for some amazing things that can happen when you follow the inner voice of good orderly direction...Julia added to this..When we allow the Great Creator to do this to us, through us, then we are aligning ourselves with the spiritual power necessary to negate the "odds."  

The thought flew into my head just now as I was getting another cup of coffee....I'm not all that...(staying humble) and I'm still not all that because I'm not all I use to be...but I've come to a point where I can be the me I need and long to be..Artist, Lover, Wife, Mother, Friend, Daughter, Sister, etc., I've got other ways to succeed...Which leads me to acceptance of my authentic self... Ok maybe its the cup of coffee or the introspective work I've been doing but I've got to's fitting like a good leather glove. 

On to the day at play and looking forward to the perspective it brings.

added note..from my horoscope this morning..

Today may be the day you begin to understand that success is most often a matter of competing with yourself for what is important to you as an individual.


  1. I've been avoiding some of your posts as I don't want to read ahead in the book (I have yet to crack it open actually) but I couldn't stop myself this time! Great post. Good lessons. Love that you put what you read to your life and share here. Not only do we see what Julia teaches, but we get an example of how it does (or does not) work for the individual artist. Important to keep in mind. I'm itching to start on the book so I better get cracking1

  2. I see great things for you girl.

  3. Yep, getting ready to begin it - so glad to have your boost!


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