Thursday, December 15, 2011

Well... did it again.....

That cycle of cycles of over thinking and being overwhelmed with life and things that aren't even here yet... so then I turn to the morning journaling writing and let it drain out on the page...repeating it many times...then I go to the last section of week one of walking in this world, receiving exactly what I need.
Julia shares the image of it snowing and how being inside makes her want to make soup, knit or something like that..A moment to stop and just do some mundane tasks and keep it really simple.   You see since September I've been in high gear and progressing right long at a steady speed and very blessed and grateful for all that has come my way while I was busy living "my dream life"... then a small zinger came about with the husband becoming sick and laid up in the hospital for 6 days right before I was to present my artwork in the One of kind show...after all it's the holiday time and all that involves that which in our case is cut down and cut back and simplified from years pass so it makes it much more simpler.  Was I prepared for this all no, who is along with all this going on my  morning pages have been a bit of a woman's whine fest...and then I go and add the projections of all the work I have to do as the new year's and classes and workshops..I feel like I was sinking, really I wasn't but it feel that way.. 

I read in Julia's book,  about watching it snowing and she said something to the effect of "Knitting up the soul"  how grand is that to hear..time to do some knitting of the soul. Before the words that struck me where taking a creative pilgrimage as of setting up for your own personal passionate journey in a highly creative spiritual life.   So back to Knitting up the soul concept, we need a window of imagination a time to rest.  She share's, Artists have stared out of windows and into their souls for a very long time. it is something in the staring - out that enables us to do the looking in. We forget that.

I sat after reading that and looked all that has progressed this far and how grateful I am that it's worked out as well as it has...small parts so very unknown as to how it would work out have come to show me and my family that trusting in that unknown though it seem so crazy to do is exactly what to do and small hints of good orderly direction are give at the right moments and we take the risk and go with it.

  Our great strength becomes our great weakness. We forgot to rest. The ego hate to rest. and our souls long for it...especially after the time our family has had.

Julia share's another story about a woman who use to do needlepoint and has stopped.  She's abandoned her hobby. she would be running round asking for more hours in a day... A wise old friend familiar suggest that she tap  her creative resources again and pick up the meditative act of needlepoint again.  When she did she returned also to a sense of optimism and perspective. A stitch at a time, she began to mend her heart and life-slowing down, she speeded her self toward recovery and creativity...

I read that and know just what I needed to do and always do and that is get out early in the moist morning air and walk...walk ...and walk..I went to the woods and after about 10minutes I feel my whole body getting filled up and my frantic running overwhelming thoughts in my head about things that have come yet were settle down to a much more manageable pace.   I know it changed my attitude pretty darn grounds, centers and fills me up every time.  So I've got to finish up my holiday shopping and tend to that part of my life...I really don't like to shop so putting myself out in the woods with thought can bring such peace when I'm standing in line with people that are always rushing to get know where fast...I remember the 12 deer and 2 bucks I saw and the red tail hawk and the lone coyote turning back every few feet to check where I was on the path as he/she ran off. I know that slowing down and resting and sticking in the mundane will better ground me before I venture forward again...instead of rushing and steam rolling forward.


  1. That Julia is so wise! I think she is a genius!! I really love that part about artist's staring out windows and staring into their souls! Lord knows I've done enough staring out windows in my lifetime! After reading this I realize why I used to love doing needlepoint and cross-stitch and things like that. It's the creating something combined with the constant repetitive motion. Something magickal there really. I love how you are able to find what you need everyday, even in the midst of this crazy busy life we all lead!! You are an awesome example!

  2. Wow! Did I ever need to read this today. I'm trying really hard to take a down day. A do nothing day. I've been overdoing and paying dearly for it. As I am trying to relax and do nothing, the guilt is overwhelming. Doesn't help hubby works from home and is aware of my "doing nothing". He doesn't mind (so he says) but it makes me feel guilty which makes me not feel rested at all and makes me keep getting up and doing.

    After reading this, I realize I'm not doing nothing, I'm doing something. That something is taking care of me! Up knitting up my soul in the manner necessary to med it at this point.

    Thanks for the post! Hope writing it helped you as much as reading it helped me!

  3. Oh getting over the guilt parts....just this morning over coffee we/the husband and I shared about the ground and centering parts in our lives and what they are and of course mine is the woods and hanging out there for sometime and he related to the importance of it and then not even a few hours later he's making fun of it...what I've got to realizes is not to take it personal and that knowing what helps me rest or calm down is really important as I'm not him and he's not me...

    Robin remember back in a few weeks past when the suggest of doing mending was made as a task from JC's book? I know that "Mundane keeps you sane" and the repetitive-ness does a girl wonders...and I think the walking is something that does it for me..

    I've been watching my oldest daughter of 26 knitting up a storm and she puts herselve in a zone and life is good...How cool is that for a young woman to learn...and I hope you can use it later..


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