Saturday, December 03, 2011

Two days down and two more to go

I can't believe I'm still here at the One of a Kind show in Chicago and that I'm among all the artists, fashion and truly is an out of body experience mainly because of the sizes of the place and the number of artisan here. The organization of it is outstanding and it's amazing.  There have been times that I was the directional person as of people coming to me and asking which way something was, you can get turned around so fast there. Today starts a bit earlier at 10:00 am but ends at 7:00 and Sunday 10-5pm  Well best get the lunch packed up and some coffee for the late night drive home...seems it's a test for me to keep my eye's open..

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  1. Best of luck on selling all your art, Laura. Drive safe! Your booth looks fantastic.


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