Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some things to think about....dual reading..introspective work

from the book The Gift of Imperfection...your guide to a wholehearted life.

This is the second time I'm reading it, just in case I missed something the first time. it's been very helpful the last three months.

from the introduction: She talks about The Digging deep button as it 's a secret level of pushing through when we're exhausted and over whelmed and when there's too much to do and too little time for self-care.  The old stand bys of pushing through, soldiering up and sucking it up pile on and she said she tried to slow down but she missed having something to turn to when it was depleted and down..She said she needed a tool.  

I've been taught to push through and soldier up and it's what we've taught our children to do...and when you don't do it and slow down there seems to be something missing...and I like what the author did...she looks at it from a different perspective and she did her research and shares.  People who live a wholehearted life still DIG.

D Deliberate in their thoughts and behaviors through prayer, mediation, or simply setting their intentions;
I Inspired to make new and different choices;
G Going. They take Action. 

When I read all that it gave a different spin on pushing through or soldiering and sucking up..Example she shares:  "I was lost in an internet fog. Rather then working, I was just lulling myself into a haze by mindlessly playing on facebook and piddling on the computer...( I do that sometimes) I was neither relaxing nor productive it was just a giant time and energy suck.
   I tried the new dig deep Get deliberate, inspire and going...I told myself, If you need to refuel and losing yourself on line is fun and relaxing then do it. if not do something deliberately relaxing. Find something inspiring to do rather than something soul sucking.  Then last but not least, get up and do it.  she got up and put in the movie she had sitting on the desk for a month from Netflix and it was just what she needed.
   It wasn't the old Dig Deep- the pushing through. I didn't force myself to start working or to do something productive. Rather, I prayerfully, intentionally and thoughtfully did something restorative. 

I write this out because I do find myself more and more getting sucked in and it's kind of scary. Sucked in to a sedentary life style.. be it being 50 or what but it's so easy to slug along and then have to push so hard it seems.  So then my dual personality wades in to the next part of the Artist Way-Walking in this World and I'm beginning to read the first part of week one...discovering a sense of origin...I know I should wait for my on line group but the need to continue is strong so I follow that intuitive nudge.  The beginning statement of the chapter always has me thinking...JC shares. This week initiates you creative pilgrimage.  (oh I love those two words together) You are the point of origin. You begin where you are with who you are, at this time, at this place. You may find yourself hopeful, skeptical, excited, resistant, and all of the above.  The readings and tasks in week one all aim at pinpoint the "You" you have been evading. When we meet our creativity, we avoid ourselves. when we meet our creativity, we meet ourselves, and that encounter happens  in the moment. The willingness to be ourselves gives us the origin in originality. 

So how do this two connect for me...well I'm sure any one reading two books at the same time could muster up what ever they want can't they...Be it where I am on my Creative pilgrimage or spiritual path..

so here for me is the connection...Setting out starting at the beginning...Making art is making love with life. We open ourselves to art as to love.  We take baby steps...a whole bunch of us like to jump forward...or push through, soldier up or suck it up and get her done thinking...and here with what I've read it's about taking a small step toward what you want to do...and keep in it real as possible and relaxing and enjoying the JC goes on to add it's about keeping the Drama on the Page or I like to do is Keeping it on the canvas or watercolor paper..

As I ramble on and on here I can't help but stick to what's worked for me and that is to set out and have some intention on where I would like to go and I mean with go about the next year of creative pilgrimage...Ideas are floating around in my head I'll have to write them down and for starters I'm just going to share them here.

1. This whole new year coming in 2012 is a big year for collage's 100 years collage has been consider a fine art. George Braque and Picasso where the first to bring into the main stream back in 1912  and artist have all explored it ever since. I just received a movie I order about George and Pablo going to the movies.. it's about cubism and how they both along with many other artist where influence by film back then.  Kind cool to I feel a obligation to keep that in the forefront of the years agenda...\
2. continually creating a new body of work...or taking what I do to a higher level
3. presenting workshops and classes and really testing my teaching abilities as of vamp up the role I play in it all...I've got a neighbor that can video record me doing what I do...hmmm that's a bit jump but can be done in small steps.
4. giving some extra time with a project at the art to watch that as of time and where I need to be.
5. doing some outdoor art fairs and seeing about getting back in to One of a Kind.
6. working with the two galleries I have now...really working with them as of producing more work. 

Oh and being a homestead manager and dog walker and find the inner peace and balance of it all..I remember a person asking me in a phone interview what else do you do...? Heck honey there isn't time for anything else and this is the life I love to live it fill me whole...

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  1. You seem to be quite good at self-reflection and following your intuition. Very valuable. I checked out the book "The Gift of Imperfection" from the library once. Didn't get far. Perhaps I wasn't ready or perhaps it's because I tend to check out a dozen at a time. Regardless, I'm glad you brought it to my attention again as I should really re-visit it.
    Sounds like your new year will be just as full and perhaps even more fulfilling. Can't wait to see what it brings! Videos? Teaching?


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