Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Revisiting Goals set at the beginning of the year-2011

Simple guidelines to think about from Feb 2010 Art Calendar
  • It’s important to know your goals, goals direct and focus your activities.
  • How do you want this year to be different?
  • Think about business, product, marketing and sales. Perhaps you want to expand your client base, improve customer service, boost repeat sales, exhibit at more places or find gallery representation.
  • Goals should motivate you. The more important they are to you and the more you see real value in achieving the. The more likely you are to realize them. Be realistic so you can accomplish.
  • Begin each phrase with, I will not I hope to or I would like to. Also make sure there positive. 
  • If the list is a long one prioritize the items.
  • Goals are a lot easier to accomplish when there are tangible ways of measuring, so try to be as concrete as specific as possible.
  • Have self meetings to see if your on track
    Well the inspiration or guidance for 2011 came from the article above and I like that and will use it again for tracking out my goals for 2012...some many people frown about doing them I use them as a sort of compass..I don't follow it exactly but it helps me stay in track. Especially with all the social media going on it's so easy to go astray and follow someone else compass and then all of a sudden you wake up one morning and wonder why your not being true to you dreams and ideas.

So here I'm going to look over what was good and what  might need to be added and subtracted from this years goal list.  

1. I will walk with my dogs in the woods and by myself- well been walking both myself and the dogs and it really does feel good and helps center myself. 

2. I will work on project that I’ve wanted to for some time-

            a. assemblages and more book making ? still want to do more of that...I make my own    journals for my morning pages, but assemblages fell on the way side..

            b. new work for fall DG library exhibit and LaGrange Art League. I accomplished a wonderful show at the Downers Grove Library but passed on the LaGrange Art League exhibit till this new year 2012

            c. collage and glass project. hmmm not sure what I was thinking...but did the collaging.

3. I will be kinder to myself, emotional, spiritually and physically-I feel that I can continue this for the next year, and I feel I've accomplished this task...

4. I will cut back on the fairs maybe do only a few with outdoor studio exhibit I will continue to do that. I many only do a few.  The weather and sales is hard to predict.

5 I will work on the inner peace and spirituality- this will carry into this year as well. I truly have been finding more inner peace and spirituality.

6. I will be in the present more. Being in the present is a practice of inner peace and spirituality..

7. I will live life and see what she’s got in store for me…again Practicing to life in the present is helping me live My life and take the little adventures offer and also live parts of life that are for learning something new or gift me with a new perspective.

8. I will not over load my days.. this one is a tough one and I'll try to put it back on for 2012...I have trained myself to be my own boss so it's hard not to work for yourself without the passion it takes.

9. I will be OK with less, That is a life lesson that is still going on.. because of our economy it seem to put one in that spot with out trying.

10. I will go out to lunch more with like minded people- this has been a blessing and I would like to continue it.

11. I will continue to work on my art and provide some work for the two galleries.. stay in contact with them. I have to say that I will also continue this into 2012

12. I will let go more and seek guidance. this has worked miracles for me...I've learned that being in the Unknown parts of my life that happen in the dailiness, I find that I'm fine, in fact I'm really OK and with seeking the guidance while I feel frighten in the state of Unknown I'm stronger. A count this to something I heard...stop carring the suit case around in your life...From now on, just take the Carry on bag..and that statement has helped me let go more and seek a higher guidance.

13. I will spend time with good wise woman and share good conversation and wisdom - this has been a blessing and I'll be continuing this into 2012 with my book group. Can't wait till we start up again here in January.

14. I will see positive people and situation and let go of the negative ones. One can always continue this.

 I look over the year that has past....Judged a few art shows and exhibits. Over a year ago started a book discussion group with very creativity like minded woman, did some tag team teaching in the Glass arts field, Said yes to some great opportunities for growth and education. I was able to travel to Upper Wisc. to teach for the first time a intensive collage workshop just before my 50 birthday and that gave me the opportunity for a little retreat too. Continued my teaching and demonstration of collage with  all that I've learned.  I had a bang up fall with my own outdoor studio show, and being invited to jury into the One of a Kind show and being accepted and carrying out 4 days of intensive exhibiting.. with many sales and my Solo show at the Downers Grove Library was a big hit with sales also.  Had a few scared moments with the Husband and his unexpected hospital stay for Legionnaires disease which has been all arrested and he's on a good mend now...I've stayed in contact with my galleries I'm working with and that feels good made some sales through them which is wonderful for us all.  I also took a big risk and launched Tack Down Tuesdays back in August and now it's December and it's still going strong.. Creating a life style that works for me and can still be fulfilling and that I can still share my passion and creative interest is living the dream.  I'm blessed to be able to do that and I have to say I work darn hard to keep up at what I love to do..


  1. Well done Laura... keep it up... and have a Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Jo and Happy New Year to you too!


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