Thursday, December 08, 2011

Regaining some balance

I feel it's the story of my life...find balance and trying not to lose balance.  How do you do that, by getting back into some kind of normal routine.  I was able to make it  to the woods and do my granny trot around the path.  It felt so good to be physical and breath and get into a zone.  I saw lots of Red tails Hawks all day yesterday from close to my home to out in the woods and I hear the Sand Hill Cranes fly over.  This is the latest I've seen them migrate South.  It's always good medicine for me as of walking in the woods as to regain balance.  After preparing for the past two month for the one of a kind show and then my husband unexpected hospital stay with legionnaires disease, which by the way he'd mending well and should be going back to work soon. How he caught this is a mystery as the bacteria is in a water vapor and it's microscopic.

Well anyways...I'm feeling back to my normal and it's because I was able to get out side and breath fresh air and be by myself...the solitude is so important to knowing who I am and what the next best thing is to do.  I've finished the first book of the three in the Artist way with a group and there a wonderful group on line.   I found though by working with the book  everyone morning with my morning pages it keep me in the present of each day and that's so important for me...knowing that there are responsibilities to tend to I was still able be present in day with out going crazy and thinking what happens in three months or a year from now.. So knowing what works in your life is important and it may not be trying the next thing sitting on the shelf it maybe hanging out with some quiet time and regrouping your thoughts and keeping up with the normal routines that bring you joy.  really joy not gitty goofy stuff but the stuff that makes you feel real inside. 

I can't help but think though about the next art I want to create...I've got some panels up there in the studio and over load of paper I made but guess what ...Holiday's are here and they have to be looked at and then taxes...there I go slipping out of the present and into the future...I need the slap of the 2 x 4 to keep me present..I've got an opportunity to make some prayer flags and not sure if I will or not...I'm still sitting on the fence with that but I do need to bring down the Christmas tree and clean my big 55 gallon fish tank..I've had one in my home all my life it seems but I'm about tired if it lately...seems every time I turn around it needs to be cleaned's takes about a good 1 1/2 hours to clean and then I always feel better that I did it this is one thing I seem to procrastinate about, but the husband is home and can help me with the outside I always have a hard time getting it started back up..

well back to regaining balance, hard to believe one week ago I was driving into the city to be part of the one of a kind show...thank God for GPS's...other wise I would have been lost..


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