Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just carrying on with my readings

I read this article out of Professional Artist magazine and thought Wow!... this is really good to understand, and it fits in with where I'm at with my Artist Way-Walking in this World.. "energy attracts energy"

So on with more stuff and trying to understand it and put it into action...I learn best that way when I can read it, take notes and use it right away...like coming at things from all angles and then I finally get it.. feel it, breath it, and touch it.   As I read further into the week ones chapter, it's not about the big drama or creating a lot of drama...it's in the small do-able acts that we can manage daily in our life.. Which I totally relate to and have been trying to stay on track about...or be my own task master..."have a game plan and working at it daily.  Back to committing and practicing at something you would really like to do..productive obsessions..funny when you ready to start looking and learning the teacher appears or the information is presented.  

From Julia's pages...So much of the difficulty with beginning lies in our perception that we have "so far to go." We have separated art from process into product-"So far to go until it's finished"-when we think like that we have also separated ourselves from Good Orderly Direction...GOD. 

I don't what to scary any one away with the God word and not to convert anyone but the creative act of creating takes on a very spiritual practice for me and when I can stay in the practice I'm living a real life one that is authentic to my own needs and not trying to seek approval or be approved.

Quote, Goethe "whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace and power in it."

We need to get into reality. Art is about making art, nothing more dramatic than that.

here's an idea...shared from the pages...make a "God Jar or Box"to incubate you dreams and hopes and make a "What the Hell" basket for you resentment, annoyances and fears.   I like the idea of the box or jar it holds them tight and the basket for the resentments and fears...don't want to hold them tight want to let go of them as fast as you can...I picture the basket with a few fears in there of an upcoming event and the wind coming by and swisping them way...

Well I have some good stuff on commitment for tomorrow..
When I write this out it sticks better in the mind all day... helps me learn..which as I stated before I never want to go stale...always on the path to learn something new.

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