Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November's #1 Tack Down Tuesday

Stacking Rocks 1029
8 x 8 collage on 140lb. watercolor paper matted with a 2" white mat all sides 12 x 12 and a foam core backing ready to pop in to a frame.

Materials Used:
Kraft paper gesso applied with roller and rubber band wrapped around with acrylic glazing, stained tissue paper, painted engineer plans, image transfers of words, number and the crow. Application of pastels, with some acrylic stamping and splattering. All sealed with a layer of satin UV varnish.

Meaning behind the artwork:
I just go back from a little road trip to Door County area October 29th and stayed in a hotel along the north side of the point.  Early in the morning I went out for a small walk and was greeted by the many crows chattering about where breakfast would be and as I walked I came upon a few piles of rocks stacked. One of them was taller then me.  I quickly got excited to leave my stack of rocks so I found a larger flat rock and began stacking and balancing them.  While I stacked my rocks I thought of my little prayer I created awhile back..it goes like this,

Great Spirit, I pray to you for my family, loved ones, sick, lost, hurting and scared. That they may find you for good orderly direction in their lives. I pray that they find your loving energy to help and guide them to follow their own paths and goals that will lead them to their dreams in this life on this good earth.

The say that the stacking rocks made along time ago where a likeness of a human, the Inuit Tribe would work together as a group to create these very large likenesses and then leave them so the next set of tribe of people that passed would know that it was a good place for food or shelter...it's a symbol of respect for each others, a way to communicate and a way to work together as a team.

$55.00 + tax and s/h



  1. Beautiful, Laura!

  2. Nice work Laura. This will be a good reminder of your trip, until it sells, anyway.


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