Friday, November 11, 2011

being direct

Deer Moon
24 x 24 collage on canvas

This piece was one of the first collage out of this series to sell...went to a lovely couple that was building a home in the great north woods..and they shared about the way they were going to do that and that this piece was going to be in their home...what a blessing to hear all that and the sale last summer at the Burr Ridge Art Fair. 

Well today I post this image up because it's Deer moon time.

Yesterday in the woods I was making the forward motions in a bit of granny run and missed the image of the buck on my right side totally till I felt the swift presence behind me and then it was gone.. I follow that feeling and made a complete circle to see him, a mighty strong looking buck dash off.  As I went up further on the path I saw the doe and she was moving pretty fast too. It's totally amazing to see this creature move thought the woods...Then I heard the sound again on the other side of me and it was the buck coming through and heading right toward her...I keep going and he crossed behind me again and then back around. I had come to the switch back where there was one more bend and then it was down hill, I stopped and watch the two of them, Doe and the Buck... nature at her best...the cycle will continue this year. As of new beginning will be ignited.

At the end of my little woods run which is always a blessing with new surprises I stretch out and see the pair of Red tails circling...a small prayer of a few souls was said and then to my right was Aldo...oh he's a happy retired barber friend of the woods.  He's had some Kidney stones troubles and was sharing a bit about that experience and what he's going thought...not to painful but still a concern.  He's such a good soul and I always feel blessed when we met out there...Kind of like a feeling that it's going to be all OK...if you know what I mean by that.

Well with the experience in the woods I some how wonder if there was a lesson to be learned by that. I seem to be struggle with some anxiety that is normal for a big event and I'm seeking some guidance.. but what I found myself doing before hand was focusing on other issues that really were not mine to be concerned about...instead of just facing my little mole hill of anxiety.  So with the way the bucks are behaving these days in the woods I receiving a bit of strength, directness and bit of obsession and cross with Mission mind..I ask myself can I use that towards what I still have to do?

I sure can so I'm slapping my anxiety down a notch and came up with a game plan...
  here's what I was anxious about... and the best way to tackle this from my knowledge is to break it down.

Picking artwork for the show
Steps to take and prepare for that

1. create the art that I want to do.. (I have enough art work but I want to create some new pieces)

2. mat up the artwork

3. frame up some new pieces

4. set up a mock display and get a feel for what I need to do.

5. pick the artwork- (I'll be at the top of hill then.)

6. make a list of the artwork for inventory

7. pack up the artwork

8. make up signage for booth so it's easier for customers to see the price, with logo on it

9. address and mailing list printed to have people fill out.

10 get business cards and rack cards ready.

11. purchase some new clothes or go to resale shop for something to add to what I have.

12. keep it simple, have fun and enjoy it.

13. get rest and eat healthy.

I've got it...Mission mind in action.

So out of my walk and time in the woods I always come away with a new way to see things and perceive them too. So grateful I take the time to look, listen and stop for the moments that can last a lifetime.. No Creative U-turns for this gal...


  1. Thank you for the challenge; I will take it. And thank you for sharing your experience with the buck and doe. In an unsettled week it was a good reminder to me of life's cycles; of death/rebirth, of hope.

  2. You make it look so much easier than what was in my head as I read! Perhaps my brain is as cluttered as my desk! Good to see the challenge in type.

  3. Major project, baby steps written down to get there. Smile all the way through!

  4. Read through your list more carefully. Love #11-13! You're so darned balanced!

  5. Dear Moon is absolutely gorgeous.


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