Thursday, October 13, 2011

Working with a simple stencil today

Today is the second class of visual Art Journaling and we will be touching base on using a stencil as a spring board or incorporating an idea to our spread.  The pear is such a wonderful shape, I didn't realize how I really like it so much.

 Gel medium image transfer.
And a clean packing tape transfer will be shared in the class today

Then after class I will be hanging out in my studio..preparing for a huge collage paper making episode.  Kind of scary cause I can see myself there just getting lost.  I think the last time I made paper it was about 7 months ago...I've been making some with my classes but it's time to really go at it and build up the supplies. 


  1. You really should try eucalyptus oil on the back of a fresh black or colour photocopy from a tomer based copier. Works a treat.

  2. Wish I could take your class!

  3. Love that pear! And what fun - papermaking!


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