Thursday, October 27, 2011

wonderful walk

knowing when to take a break is hard sometimes but the body seems to know it better then the mind and I always feel better when I walk in the woods.  No complaints...just listening inward is all. I've been blessed with good hard work and some good art sales and now preparing for a event in a month I'm needing more so then ever to listen inward...So easily can one go astray and get swooped up by what is happening all around and then stop and question what the heck just happened?...where am I? How did I get there? in the artist way book by julia cameron she shares about the week check in's but I find I've got to do the daily ones. Like every one else there are the wants, with things that are flying into our faces so fast with all the wonderful technology...its like it feeds us into thinking we have to want this or that.  I guess it keeps the world going round but I think it gotten way out of balance.  So back to the check'in I do have a moment where I have to say what do I want...just so I can get it out of the way and get to "staying real"   today I want to savor the colors of gray and yellow. Though I'm a color person, I do love my black the best the combination of colors bring upon differnt comforting feelings. Yellow and gray bring me an inner peace, almost as much as a certain color blue...and so what do I want today I want to savor that color combo... which I know won't last because once the leaves fall down it passes.
So then after the "I wants" comes I then ask what do I really need? and I'm hearing nature,  needing it  all the way through my whole body and when I'm in that connective state like that I know I'm not walking on this good earth alone...and with that I pull in a few words for those I care about,

Great Spirit, I pray to you for my family, loved ones, sick, lost, hurting and scared. That they may find you for good orderly direction in their lives. I pray that they find your loving energy to help and guide them to follow their own paths and goals that will lead them to their dreams in this life on this good earth.

The abstract landscape collage Tall Grass Prarire was sold about 2 years ago and it's oen of my favorites, this image is capture in my mind and every time I walk in the woods..


  1. Your inner beauty shines in your art.

  2. a walk in the woods never fails to refresh my spirit.

  3. Oh I love this piece! It's you and captures the Spirit's essence perfectly.

  4. Thanks folks this piece has had a new home for the past two years...but when I see it again I see the spot that captured my inspiration for it...actually it was around this time when the tall grasses are all dried and waving in the cool north winds.


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