Monday, October 31, 2011

A special connection

 My mother in law's, Eileen's Stacking rocks or Inukshuk
 I had woke up about 4:13 in the morning at the hotel in WI. Sturgeon Bay Door County and started the coffee. I brought my journal and began writing in the quiet of the hotel room..Ma (MIL-mother in law) woke up and was surprised I was up that early. Since I was little I've always woke up part of the day.  Well she went back to bed and I checked my emails and then got myself dressed for a quick morning walk...I seem to need that fresh cool air...I walked out to the beach and on to the pier and looked around the smell of a wood burning was in the air, oh so sweet to the senses. I decided to do some exploring and felt the flood of memories as a young one explore the neighborhood or woods to see what was there...Crunching noises under my feet from the shells just loaded on the beach area...I did have to walk on them to feel that experience and I continue on and then I saw them but just the tips of them over the hill of large boulders...Rocks stacked...Oh I busted a bit of a move to get over there. The stacking rock above are mine I left...there is a whole history to Inukshuks, which were made by the people of Inuit tribe to let others of the barren terrain know that people/humans were here before them if they cross this part of the country and that it's a good place for possibly food, water and is a from of the most basic communication still continued in the artic. The whole tribe had to help make these...large stones where used to make a Human people make them in many forms but the group effort and the balancing of the rocks was a means for other symbolism such as of how the group respected each effort to make these...

Now my thoughts for my little pile of stacking rocks was to let go and be present and enjoy and embrace my life and a small special stack in front are for all the people/family in my life that are still struggling. For me it was mediation and prayer..
 This is my second one I made when I came out with Ma and had her give a try at making one...not sure what she was thinking about and didn't bother to ask it was about just act of making one being present together and the experience...but I spent a bit more time looking for rocks that would better fit and idea of my stack...kind of like life...picking and choices what is best for a good fit on my journey.
 Look close you can see our three we added to the other three that were already there..
 Love the view of these...I'm hooked
Here's Eileen, Ma, my mother in law(MIL)...we had a good time, chatted about lots of things with a few good giggles and I said Laughter is the language of the heart and I know I was full with heart on this trip...I may not say it but my thoughts where there.  thanks mom for coming with..I'm so gratiful we could do this together.


  1. Very cool! Love it. Love that you're open to each others creativity and expression.

  2. I was recently in a very remote are of Australia and found that travellers before me had left little stacks of rocks... interesting.

  3. Love this, Laura - While we were camping this weekend, it was so quiet and peaceful, I could hear the sound of flight - of the birds and grasshoppers! It was what you described.....

  4. This is so very special! Thank you for sharing...truly


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