Saturday, October 01, 2011

Late afternoon post

I think I went up and down my stairs about 50 times and there two flights.  You see our homestead has been underconstruction for many years and it's time to get that finished what was holding us up was my storage in the back area that is planned to be a bathroom.   I need to get my artwork out of there and move it somewhere else and the only place I have is up stairs in the second level of the I'm happy to say I have that accomplished tomorrow I need to get to the back room in the studio space and clean that clutter to make room for 33 pieces to come home at the end of October. Everyone keeps asking me why I'm doing this now and I just say there's a reason cause later one I won't have time with Thanksgiving and if I hear back from a few places it mean's my time will be tighted up and there's no day but today to do it.. but I'm calling for pizza...this gals to pooped for cooking tonight... feel good to because my book keeping is up todate and I've paid my quartely taxes so How can I say this but I'm on task.. Ok off to go sit and read for a bit and then relax and maybe watch a movie...a little homemade popcorn too does sound good.

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  1. This time of year sails by for me---if I don't get things done by mid-October, then it's utter bedlam the remainder of the year.
    I totally understand the *strike-when-you-can* theory.
    I'd be doing that now if I wasn't feeling like someone ran me over with a truck.
    Congrats on all the moving you got done and the work you have scoped out! And for being right on task too... :-)



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