Saturday, October 29, 2011

Heading to the The Flying Pig this weekend

 From the point of Door County last year 2010.
 Algoma's Lighthouse 2010
I believe when Pigs fly is the sign out in front of The Flying Pig Gallery and Green space..

I've heading out this morning's so hard to believe in about 6 hours I'll be there...concept of driving and being in another state that always amazes me, even when I was alittle kid...we'd get home and I'd think I was there just this morning my feet were planted on the ground...well enough of my simple amazement, I'm heading up there to pick up some artwork as the season is closing down and will revamp up in the spring and I will be allow to come back and show my work excited I always like that cause it keep the fire going under my behind to create something new for them...this past year it was my mini abstract landscapes. 

Here's one I think I'll be picking up, haven't looked at my sheet a few sold so it might have been the one but anyways I'll be picking this little guys up, there all matted and in a nice little frame. There going to be part of my One of a Kind show exhibit along with many more.

so enough typing time to get dress and pack up..Mom's coming and we hit the road...Road trip!! love them


  1. Oh I love road trips too. The excitement, the rest areas,... Be safe and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Have a great trip Laura!! Soak in all the sights and the colors and enjoy your time with your mom-in-law!


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