Wednesday, October 19, 2011

For what ever reason.....

As a human being, wife, mother, artist and working individual there is a need I have to continue growing in self discovery. It's something I'm really enjoying, no not the Egoistical side of things but really enjoying what works and what does, what I like and what I don't and being able to continue to a  good life and allow others around me to do the same...simple but hard to do so I'm forever on the road of self-discovery..which in fact brings new ways to look at things or some call it new perspective or a fresh way to look at things..

So as I continue on with week 7 of the Artist Way book I'm going to share with you all...but mainly it's for myself to read the chapter, write it down and then type it out again, I seem to need to gnawing on things like my fourleggeds do with a bone before I really get a good taste of it.. or it sinks in the brain cells and becomes a part of healthier thinking.

(below are bits and piece I underlined in the book Artist Way-Julia Cameron)
is a practice for the right attitude of creating..
it's as receptive as well as an action skill.
by listening it can help you excavate areas of genuine creative interest as you connect with your personal dreams.

My personal thoughts are...My inner censor's volume as been turned down lately which is a good thing. And the realization of a discharge of weird energy is gone too. Which for me personal is about a trust in the process that is happen. Or as Julia says following some Good Orderly Direction.

It's about engaging in the listening for the next right creative thing. And for me on the creative side of things it just might be to slap jack some art together for the pure joy of doing the creative act and that is listening and acting creatively.

What it boils down to is listening and hearing a new perspective, which is a change of thinking.again a fresh approach.

 Once you accept that it is natural to create, you can begin to accept a second idea-that the creator will help you with what ever you need for the project. Creator to Creator's a higher presence in our life.
Some might dis this whole thinking thing about it  but when you get your perspective of it all in alignment some pretty remarkable things start happening..

Well that's what I gather from week 7 on just the part of Listening  next will be Perfectionism...

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