Friday, October 14, 2011

A few steps we took yesterday in Visual Art Journal Class

 I'm sharing this with you all for a few of my student's that didn't make it to class. First off I had ask the students to glue a few page together so they have a strong substrate to work off of. Which everyone did and was ready to go. We then pick a shape to trace and cut out in the pages. as you can see a cutting board and I used the stamp pad as my shape.
 Repeated this four times, changing the way the shape would be seen when looking at all the pages together, keeping a cutting board behind so you don't cut though pages you don't want to. You can pick as many times as you want, to repeat this effect. I just choice 4.
 Use some magazine images and found papers-old book pages. Any kind of found paper works.
 Glue down in randomness you papers. over lap if you feel like it.
We dried the papers with a hair dryer and then sand them to add a bit of charater to them..One doesn't have to if they don't feel like it but here in class we did to see the effect together.  Wipe away the sanded papers left over with a baby wipe, cleans it up for the next step.

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