Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Class Assignment-Personal Expression through Collage-NAP

 I'm finding the quick collage sketching exciting..I'm not sure about how the class is handling it though...I feel like I'm really cracking the whip on them.  We were so busy in class yesterday that I didn't have time to take any pictures so I'm going to share my assignment piece. Some teacher don't work the assignment as their students do but I can't keep my hands and heart from I do with them. The first one is just using three piece of paper, one of the papers I crinkled and quickly sanded it with a fine piece of sandpaper.
 Second part of this assignment to re create it... to look at the outside shapes and draw it first. I wanted them to draw on the left side in there sketch books and then recreate it on the right side.  The practice of understanding the composition or the way the papers are arranged can give the artist/creative one a bit of confidence with what there doing or some like to call it "Trust"  or as Robert Rauschenberg said do it till you bored or understand it...and I would like them to understand it.
The third part of the class or afternoon we jumped in to using the tack iron and learning about the image transfers.  step by step we went through it and not all were able to complete it but we have next week for that.  As you can see with this one though I turned the composition around and recreated it from the opposite angle.   Which some artist will carry this further and do a whole study about that composition...which pushes and challenges the creative thought process. I have to admit it had me going and I may do that some day.. this little piece is on a rag mat 6 x 6 size... Untitled yet.

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