Friday, October 14, 2011

Call me crazy but I love a good movie and with a bit of action, love, saddness and some tears. The husband and I went to see the new movie, Real Steel. Amazing...I want one... you know one of those Robots. We seen it at the IMax so the sound and size of the Screen couldn't have been any better for the Husband. I says he has to feel the sound. Which I have to admit was pretty cool. I had no problem reading the screen to at the begin..didn't need my glass with a screen that bit. We try to go out on a date on Thursday night but that doesn't always work..a bit tired for a long days work is usually what happens so we have been making a effort to do that.

Also I did go see my work at the Downers Grove Public Library and Melody did an outstanding job of hanging it don't you think.

After seeing the exhibit I headed to Ikea...I've not been there in so long, just needed an filling of the well on stimulation and visual.  I even had a nice lunch up stairs looking out of the parking lot...well not my favorite window view but it was still pretty cool.

Now needing to jump in the shower and pack a good lunch and head in to LaGrange art League for class this morning and I think I volunteer my time today so I'm going to bring my journal with me to work on that.. need to bust a move on it for my other class.  And then do the homestead chores so Saturday I can start out fresh in the morning after a run with the fourlegged loves to the park.. and to the studio I go..


  1. Wow! Gorgeous! And that's a library? Cool!

  2. Your work is just fabulous Laura.

  3. Laura, the pieces are just FABULOUS! I find I like different ones for different reasons, but the two that resonate to me the most are the large and small mostly black and white with the raves or crows. They jumped out and grabbed me!
    The hanging was done very well; lovely exhibit. CONGRATS!


  4. The exhibition looks incredible. I wish I could see all the work in person. It is rare on the blogs to see art work that is hung and it provides a completely different sense to the art. Beautiful!


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