Saturday, October 22, 2011

After Lunch posts

Well like a dog with a bone I wasn't going to let up on the Hank issue...determined or obsessed that is the question.  I took Hank back out to the woods and walked him..he's a bit lost with out his sidekick Carl but I wanted to work with him a bit...and we did...encounter a dog but our moment wasn't as bad...we pulled off the path some want and keep his attention as best I could on me and then other dog had a issue and start barking and then Hank reared up on his back legs which are very powerful and then I got him to calm down and we continued... Took him home and walked the neighborhood too. Had my youngest daughter take Carl out while we where out..our little pupperoni needs his exercise too.

So this morning we went to the dog park...Gosh I love to be there the connection the dogs make with each other...the can approach each other and not be so protective of the limited space they have on a leash...I read if you could just drop the leach when you see another dog and let the dogs met and greet the would be OK but because of being on the leash it causes this protective space things...any ways We met Gordon a 5 year old Grey Great Dane...Gordan's ears are cropped but Hanks are just was great to see them interact and to chat with the owner...My gosh I didn't even ask his name...silly me.  Hank had two westies chasing his butt a way it was so funny...but now the big boy is sleeping away and I'm feeling good for him..

Set up a CD of stuff to pass to my Web Ranger gal that lives in the homestead and asking her to make me a Rack Card...I need something for people to take way and be able to contact me after the One of a Kind show so with logo and info it will be a statement and all about the artist kind of  card but a tall one so it can sit in rack hold I have... and I've also finished making my packet for the one day workshop I'm teaching tomorrow.

Been a busy bee  from the get go this morning...What can I say just enjoy the crap out of things lately... Now to head out and do the food is calling for some pasta sauce and meaty stuff and some chocolate chip cookies.

Well best bust a move on things so I can pack up and be ready for things tomorrow..I think I have abotu 15 students...more about things tomorrow.


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