Monday, September 19, 2011


So while the steam is coming down in the presurer cooker, making Chicken noodle soup tonight I decided to post the collage sketches I did this weekend while at the Naperville Riverwalk.  I guess I surprised a few of my student that stopped by when I showed them I was completed mine too...They had no ideas I was going to do them too. But love doing these small simple exercises...and tomorrow Tack Down Tuesday will be from one these compositions..I used the same magazine paper but just layed it out each time a bit differently and also worked on the sizes of each papers and in a few played with the angel which was always a tuffy as you don't what the viewer to trail off the composition and not come back.

I had a eventful back day...I first head off to set up the Make your Mark Journal Project display with Barb and Karen...everything looks great. Then I had to head off to the Mayslake Peabody Estate to drop off a piece for auction...Trash to Treasure is the event and the ask for a piece from me...its the estates fun raiser so I really do enjoy the place so pick a spot where you can give back and start giving and I would love to see this place restored again.. Prior to all this I had to unload my Transit and bring the art work and extra stuff into the house that I left there over night...just to darn tired to move...Then my tire light was going on so I had to check the level of air in the tires...Husband had gone work already and I don't know where my son thankful I know How to do it...not that hard.. and glad we have the air compressor in the man space..

When I got home from all this I had a bit of leftover cheese pizza and headed up to the studio...with being a way all weekend and such it felt good to be in a familiar space...I didn't put the music on I opened the back patio door and let the fresh air and here my relatives Cawing away... Music to my ears...I was able to use the third composition for my piece and popped that piece out and cleaned up to pack again and get ready for Collage Papermaking workshop at Naperville ...I'm fearing how many may come...I just have been inviting everyone...crazy but it will be fun...Now the soup is made and the dishes from the weekend are washing in the dishwasher and the litter is cleaned out and the dog piles are picked up out side...all is in balance... but I have to admit I was a bit off kilter.  Which is the title of the piece I'll be sending out tomorrow. 

Off to make sure the egg noodles are not over cooked and mushy..  

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  1. Your practice would be my masterpiece Laura. Well done.


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