Monday, September 12, 2011

New week and much to do

I'm so grateful for the weather this past couple of days.. had some light rain but nothing to really dampen the Outdoor Exhibit. I sat some morning before anyone would stop by and looked out from under my tent across the road and seen the tall leaves of the cattails and watched them bend as the winds blew.  And looked down to see that I had a perfect outdoor studio besides the exhibit...Because I present a demo time during my exhibits I can do that work out side and be filled with all that nature can pass along...Sore...yes and not complete yet with all the tear down of the tents and displays.   I think I sprained my knee and my neck and should are doing some talking be aware and a little more gentler on myself..

Soon I know I'll have to stop the out door fair stuff.  Well lot to do this week...need to put some computer time in and get a CD ready for an Art consultant in Milwaukee Wis...(fires burning under me right now) and then I need to prepare for my Class that starts up at LaGrange Friday and then hurry on over to Riverwalk in Naperville after class and set up tent that same Friday night. 

After this coming weekend I have to prepare for a solo show at Downers Grove Library...most work is finished it still needs to be framed...when if comes it comes all at once  so best get my body away from the computer and get on all this great events and projects.  No Down time for this girl..

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  1. Sorry to hear about the knee but such exciting stuff happening!


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