Sunday, September 18, 2011

It was one of the most perfect days for a fine art fair that I've ever experienced.  First off I had of my oldest daughter camped out with me all day...We work well together,  we both have the thought process to set up camp and so that's our mission...(old girl scouts habits drilled in) Secondly it was such beautiful weather and the person next to me-booth wise, didn't show up so people kept coming between the booths and look through at the river. There were smiles on the faces of the people it was great to see too be it the weather or the event it was awesome.  My parents had come down to help my sister this weekend, it was her High School Reunion and her and Joe both went to the same High School and Graduated together too. My sister was encharge of the reunion event so she needed an extra hand with the three younger boys...Well they surprised me and stopped in and my step mom bought a piece of my art...that was hard to she said I want that little one right there...Hard to sell a piece to you mom..and dad...I'm still not settled with that, but it was my first sale and it was good...Great day seeing so many people, friends, and students there.  Just as the Fair was closing down for the night I ran to the restroom while my daughter was tending the booth and came back to a women that wanted the piece up above that you see posted.  I was shocked...mainly because I just finished this piece about a month ago and I've not had it shown anywere yet and I have to admit I was still attached it  and had plans on showing it the DG solo show...but plans change and this woman and her daughter I'd not seen in my booth all day...You know some people bring back other members of the family unit to see a piece that they are really insterested in and this didn't happen at all like that...Thats when I know what every this woman saw in this piece really captured her and I'm glad of that...she connected to it.

So Hope Floats fines a new home and from the looks of it a happy home too. Off for day too...need to bring out more work because I can show some on the other side because of a no show in booth 21 spot.. 

it was a wonderfully beautiful day all around...


  1. Congrats on your sales and on having a good time! Sounds like you have a great and supportive family, that is a big help.

  2. Oh congrats Laura! It is a beautiful piece but then again they all are!

  3. That does sound like the perfect day, with a very good ending.


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