Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A good Wednesday Morning.

I hear words in the homestead...some rain is coming in these next couple of days...hmmm might be a slow Outdoor Studio Exhibit but I'm going to turn that thought right around now as I'll be under my tents and there pretty secure and waterproof and I'm really close to home..hahaha. I will use the time to I've always provide demo's for my OSE's and was able to pump out a few little gems and even sold a few that I made that during the demo's. 

I received an email from a seasoned woman artist friend, which I'm in a networking group with and she simple shared in a sentence that's she always self doubting herself and she just goes ahead and does it anyways.. out of any advice or words of praise that was the best to hear...I've heard it before from another artist I took a workshop with some years back and he was pretty well known to...It's a natural thing to self doubt but when you allow to stir you bus then that's where the problem sets in...

So all day long how silly this sounds...I was doubting myself, words were a flying out and I was really letting the winds blow them off. And the were pretty strong winds as I had to really stake down the tent.  Then before that when I was putting the roofs on of the two big ones, I was so grateful for the winds as the came just at the right to kind of lift the roof part up enough so I could pull them over the frame of the tent with ease...I have to say at that point I was giggling with joy about how well that worked out and then the second one the same thing...sing a song of gratitude.

I've got another busy day ahead and to drop off a few piece at the Naperville Art League, I had hoped they were open but they will be for sure.. so upon hanging all my art and my cousins, I'll be doing a little road trip to Naperville to drop off the "As a Crow Flies" piece.   I'm afraid to leave it's still so new and I've not cut the cord yet but I'll have to and if it's too heavy to hang then I'll have it for the Riverwalk Art fair.. so never is it all lost..

OK thoughts are tired in my head...I'm not one that remembers her dreams but lately I've had some dreams and be it hormonal changes it's pretty wild.  I'm not sure I like to dream like that as I feel I don't get good sleep..  I laugh now cause when people see my work the most common comment is Wow, I'd hate to see your dreams...and I share with them I don't dream cause it's all out all ready before I go to bed in the comment on there end...don't mean to shut them down in conversation but it's the truth.

Got some homestead inside chores to do and then start hauling out the art.  My dogs just sit and watch me go in and out...eyes follow sometimes..."oh that crazy lady of ours" 

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