Saturday, August 27, 2011


Feeling a bit frustrated still about the web host...Mocha Host...they've been Trying to fix my website hosting problem but I'm wondering about this...I'm trying to be patient but with the outdoor studio exhibit and a solo show coming up I have people wanting to get the the site and can't...I'm at the mercy of the hosting company for a bit...or less my web ranger in the house can guide me to find a new hosting company...

My one Aunt pass on Thursday night I believe...there is a small gathering on Monday night so I do tend to go and say my good byes.  Though I visited here just recently at her daughters house which was a good visit... My aunt Margie and Uncle Lenny were a big part of my father worked for uncle Lenny at the Standard Station on Washington and Ogden Ave in Naperville..he was the head Mechanics for sometime...  I would go on the weekend in the Winnebago with them to watch Greg and Gary Dirty Bike was great...I love the smell of the gasoline and they always seem to be in the wooded areas so it was a joy...and Winter time was a blast at there house  as of Snowmobiling and ice skating.. As you can see I had a lot of activity going on back then...well grateful I did.. She will be remember fondly.

Walked the dogs early and started reading the intro of Artist Way again...kind of excited to be doing that...

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss dear Laura but happy that you had a chance to reconnect and share the memories.


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