Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh so many things keep me human

24 x 24
Collage on Clayboard with 2" Cradle sides
Part of an ongoing series I'm making... Called Faceless People..
This one has to do with Hope, and when I hear the word Hope I think of the Sandra Bullock movie Hope Floats it was a movie about a woman going through divorces and rediscovering herself and her purpose in life..and of course finding new love..well I think about the word Hope and how by having a string of hope, we can float through the tragedies we encounter.  And as I create these piece a few things come together of to have hope one needs to have an understanding in a higher presence in their life or something bigger then them...Good orderly direction is another way to look at it..but we can get all jumbled up with daily life things and know what direction to for me a good "God help me with this" is a start..and then I give in and turn over and start to stay open..or feel like I'm floating a bit on this feeling seeps in I'm not sure when it happens but Laughter does come and it seems to lift the mood or attitude...and the sign of hope grows even bigger...Does this make sense??? I don't know but when I put it in to art it sure does for me.. so Hope Floats is another one added to my Faceless People series. 
Creating Throw it,
12 x 12
Collage on Clayboard with 2" cradle sides. 

This piece was created after the Tack Down Tuesday one was finished. I enjoyed the different papers and the composition with Healing from the inside I carried it over in this piece.  You see I have these moments when I get in a bit of a funk and sometimes the last for just a short momet but other times it's a few days...and they usually stem from a combination of things but the nasty self doubt...just a small seed of it starts to grown with other situation going on in my life with people places and things that I can't control..and the hurt and sickness too...I seem to soak it in and start to exsorb it...then it grows...but know thyself I know that creating throw many different "moods" is a blessing for me.. First off I end up with new art, secondly I have a new perspective on my life situations and thirdly I've grown and fourthly I have a deep emotional piece of art then I never had planned. 


  1. Love your work Laura, it comes from the heart.

  2. the meanings behind these new pieces. That's what it's all about. Thanks for sharing those thoughts, Laura.

  3. I haven't stopped by, in awhile, so glad I did! Your work is so profound and meaningful! Always perfect compositions!


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