Monday, August 01, 2011

It's August already???

Wow where did it go...seems the month slipped right by...I'll have to check in my list of things and change them up...not completed all the tasks I had hope to but I was working on them with small manageable steps the best I no bad feelings of failure at all.  I've been trying to keep up with walking the dogs and walking myself so that added a switch up with the time of day I do this as it's cooler in the mornings so by the time I get home from that I jumped into something else...but I'm feeling pretty healthy and upbeat so that's find with me.. My oldest Daugther comes home today from New Jersey, she's been gone about two weeks now..been bird sitting her Cockatiel...Madison needs the human touch more so then my little parakeet.. Well I'm a rambling about what ever...I've been going over my notes for my class this Thursday and freshen my steps and plans...gets me all excited too.

Well best be getting off the stools and on with the day..

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