Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fresh Strawberries and a beautiful cool morning.

I have been finding that sitting behind the screen is really make more of me then I need to these days as of the sedentary life style of being on the Internet is something that keeps you still and then causes a chain of events from that- turn into habits I really don't think that serve me well. Though it is part of where we are these days...keeping up a good face on the Internet...but what about living...the more I'm on the Internet the more I don't live life.... Life begins to be lived though it and we lose out on so much...
I was in the woods the other day and though about how cool it is to be here and that's after two hours. And then spending time in my yard..cutting the lawn and continually tackling the weed control, which adds in keeping the hamstring nice and tight on the legs.  To walking my dogs and see their enjoyment.
 So I ask are you living your best life?
  As I sit out here this morning on the back patio and eating my breakfast and yes I'm the darn Internet I'm at peace...and as you can see from Hank's perspective life it good.  I been slacking in the up keep of the business on line as of the update of the website and entering different art shows and exhibit...I'm not burnt out I just want to live too...and be part of my day instead of always I may take off a few more days on the blog here and there to just live...  I've also asked myself what I need in my life...

here's a list:
I need to take care of my body for my future health
I need to walk and exercise
I need to keep learning
I need to tend to my yard
I need to care about my home more and clean up better
I need to keep a watch on extra pounds I don't need to carry.
I need to continue to connect with my husband, marriage and where we are going for the future together.
I need friends and lunch dates and just simple sharing of life-face to face
I need my family and their support and they need mine.
I need to feel good about myself
I need to know it will be alright today
I need not to feel lack or loss
I need to keep adjusting, understanding and keep my listening ear in tune
I need more hugs and kisses and I need to give more hugs and kisses
I need my time to create
I need my quiet time, my solitude to reconnect to a higher presence in my life.

Call this a pray list or just an awareness of my needs and staying in check.. but when I'm into the things on the list I seem to be living a good life..and there simple things that get all complicated by outside stimulation that muddies it up for me..  so with all the ramblings I'm going to enjoy the day in the studio...homestead will wait...

Heading now to the studio...hope your checking in with your self living the best day you can..


  1. Wonderful list! and just look at that Hank - the "king" of his yard!

  2. Your list is a wonderful reminder to me. Thanks for posting.

  3. I have this list written down and read it in the morning so I'm in better tune with the right things..

  4. Laura,
    I loved yourlist. Motivates me to make one of my own. So easy to get caught up with other people's needs and wishes you lose sight of your own.


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