Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Art Journaling, Art and LaGrange Art League

I've been in a bit of a deep loving thoughts as of the kind of love you want people to truely know about and that can help them heal and thrive to live a good life...I didnt' realize it but it's a form of prayer for the people I care about...When I walk in the woods, I think of them...I've been taught to prayer for them even the one's that seem to give you harm.  Then when I create I think of them and put a little extra into the piece of yesterday I put a part of me in to my Art Journal..yes a second one for the Make your Mark project in September..

I don't know if you can see the monkey's face in there with the scream look...?  well that's How I was feeling about it all yesterday...I used the rest of the papers from the collage I made for Tack Down Tuesday..mainly because they were left out at the workstation and it goes along with the other piece I you can see my art journaling is way different then the art work....and that's's a sketchbook to work out ideas, thoughts and emotions and it's a safe place to do it..

Here are some of the journals coming back in right now at the LaGrange Art League More are to be expected...I have to say we expect the late returns so that's why we have the time difference spread out from the return and the exhibit...Us humans have a life you know...!

well Oldest is to come home today waiting for a text message or a call to pick her up from the train...she took it in from New were cancelled to Thursday...goof stuff but she's on her way..


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