Sunday, July 03, 2011

Time in the Studio

Feeling a bit better yesterday...? not sure what kind of virus is going around but it's a wild sore throat and then it's moved to my sinuses and dry cough...I hate to be sick...I'm not a very happy camper when I'm sick.  So as each day passes I'm feeling a bit better and yesterday was a joy to be in the studio as long as I was..did I pack anything for my workshop...No! but I cut the watercolor paper for the students and all the packets are done and the rest is just pulling out the traveling containers and going down the list.

Well a bit about what was going on in the studio yesterday, as you can see below the first image is from my collage sketch book and it's just magazine paper glued to the sketchbook page with a glue stick..sometimes I use scissors or I tear.
Now you can see where I started from...I don't normally work this way from a sketch it's usually intuitively that I work. But a while back I was able to present some work to a big corporations and then needed sketches of what I would do...well that pushed me to come out of a comfort zone and try something new. 

Solid State of Affairs

20 x 24
Collage on canvas
Materials: canvas, Kraft papers printed with acrylics, stained tissue papers, Nevr Dull magazine papers, painted drawing paper, Kraft paper gessoed and then a glazing of acrylics, parchment paper painted with white acrylics and then wording scribed. All papers are coated with polymer medium and then heat seal/fused to the canvas coated surface. added embellishments are waxed book thread, and acrylics.

Thoughts about this piece as I was creating it...Well I was thinking about my marriage to my husband of 30 years and how we've had our share of trails and triumphs and still together.  And the words I read out of a book a few weeks ago..."life is the messy bits" and that got me thinking about all the things that can create  a good solid foundation under your feet. And what is the foundation that we each have?  our beliefs, our values, our morals, our faith, our love, our trust... I think that we have to find something to attach to or ground us. What is it for you that grounds you and helps you stand tall.  Though I'm not a religious I've grown in spirituality and I've always been able to connect to a center or ground through nature.  I don't work with red a lot but I'm finding that I enjoying its strength in my piece and of course the blue and pattern of the rocks and the ovals with the connection of a blue rectangle.  I can't help but see I've created a tribal piece, a strong Warrior Essenes which now I see that where the word solid stands out. A bit of rambling going on and they always seem to be the bits and piece trying to make a connection for me.. and in this piece I feel I've accomplished that.

So 1 down and 19 more to go...I would like to create 20 new piece by mid the Challenge is on. 


  1. Laura .... enjoy your challenge!! I am curious to find out at the end of your challenge if it pushed your creativeness or stymied you. Sending good thoughts your way! Kimkarlene

  2. Good question to ask...and I would say now that is pushes my creativity more and growth too. I know I've got three different classes coming up to teach and the goal to finish these piece will be for a sole show I have in Oct at a really nice library in Downers Grove and I have my own out door studio exhibit and a show in Naperville so I'm setting myself up for something...and I have to admit I thrive on the drive that happens when I do this is...set a goal and try to met it.. thanks for the good thougths.

  3. It's great to see the beginning AND the end. It gives you more understanding of the journey. Lovely collage! Hope you shake off this flu soon.

  4. Thanks Jo...the Husband has what every grabbed a whole of me now..

  5. Love this Laura - and love your explanation and thoughts.


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