Friday, July 01, 2011

Switched things up this morning

Since the weather was calling for some hot stuff I decided to switch my daily-ness up a bit.. Got the dogs out early and then went to the woods for myself and it was so grand as the winds were blowing and it was just so refreshing. Tended to some homestead stuff and had an early lunch and got in my three hours with the studio...  I finished a piece for the Mainstreet Art Center in Lake Zurich...I will be teaching a two day workshop with them during the cold part of 2012-Feb 25-26th

12 x 12 matted and framed and almost ready to ship up there to Lake Zurich.

I've been toying with a collage sketch book for a while and I pulled this composition from one of them and it's actually the second time I've done this changes each time.  The blue papers are from a newspaper I used underneath all the other papers I would make and then I seen how well it looking and decided to coat it up and use it.. I called it contagious because if you can see in the bottom have of the blue part the word flu and contagious are in there...How fitting cause I felt these last days I had the flu of some sort.  "always trying to make a connection aren't I?" (the image you see here will soon be on display at the MainStreet Art Center in their window..

Well off tonight to a Art Tribe a while since I've gone. 

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  1. A great image Laura, and very fitting considering your 'bug'. Hope you are feeling better.


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