Thursday, July 21, 2011

Late day post....switched things up a bit

I headed out early for my walk/run/trot thing I do...and sweated so sweetly out there but it was a good work out and also Swallow tails Butteries are really love the blossoms of the wild flowers.  Haven't see the deer the past few days but I would be in the low shadow staying cool if I was living in the woods. 

Came home and was on the phone chatting for a while and multi tasking and putting the finishing touches on the piece I posted yesterday..well almost all of them the Tack Down Tuesday piece is still available and the little mini abstract landscape is waiting for me to mat I'll be doing a big mat fest before September for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit and Riverwalk in Naperville.

So as I ramble on I have to show you my exciting time in the studio...I was jamming on the new CD 2Cello's and let it rip on the cradle board...really love the piece myself...color right up my alley and the meaning is about I Me and Us...if you can't tell when you see the pieces.  There's more going to go on but I needed to give it a break...the dogs came looking for me...hungry and had to go out...

1. Sophie our Blender kitty, and bathroom sink drain cleaner out kitty and my paint brush taking kitty is right up there on the one table ready to give me a paws helping hand. I used the blue painters tape to tape off the edges of the cradle board so I don't muck it up...or slop all over it.

2. I spread some gesso over the surface to add a bit of tooth as some say.. and an area for the paint to really grab on.

3. palette ready for the first layer of color with the handy dandy plastic wrap.  I mixed it with glazing medium so I've got some play time with it.. and I sometimes spray a bit of water too. But I brush on and then stretch out the plastic wrap and smear it around, picking in up and down then adding more white or more dark brown for this piece... playing with the value..

 4 & 5 are the back ground color added and then let dry and bring in the pastel pencils and have at it.. I have to spray the pastels with a fixitive so it doesn't smear.
 6. here I'm bring in the collage scraps and working them into the piece...there isn't collage papers all over the clay board like most of my collage work theres more paint in this style.  I have to say the music was really jamming and the husband was Yelling from down let me know he was home..

7.  My water bucket is packed I can't fit another thing in it..and I needed to stop any ways...Dinner time and like I said the dogs had to go out..more will be revealed as I work on it tomorrow.

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