Friday, June 10, 2011

Jumping again..but on save ground

Putter around in the morning and toyed with an idea about submitting work to Cloth Paper Scissor Magazine. I started to send something via email and it dawned on me that the techniques I would be sharing I learned from another artist, and the thought that I might get published would not see right with me if I didn't ask permission or at least let the artist know...Now not all that I do with my work is learned from this artist but a technique is and I've combined this with my other some my own, which I also share opening with my students and others.   So out went an email to the artist and with in about half an hour Jonathon Talbot called back. We had a nice conversation and reminisced about when we first met and the group of women who helped start Midwest Collage Society all took the same workshop with was a good chat.  Well with that and his consent I continued on with my submission...It may take about three months before I would hear one way or another on this, but it got the urge to do it and I jumped again...Never know where you'll land but I'm save now and will continue on with other things.

I needed to pick up some acrylic paints and I hadn't been to Dick Blicks in awhile...I usually order on line, which I still need to do for some clayboard's with 2" cradles but that's another day...anyways while I was there I brought in the two journals I have with the Make Your Mark project and showed Kevin and one of his employee's, both of them were very excited to see them and I showed them the Masters of Collage book they had on the shelf and that Donna Watson was in my journal as she is in the Masters of Collage book...So cool they thought and it got them excited about seeing the journals back there at the store in late September and early October...Things are moving forward and this project will come to completion I'm getting so excited.

So off to take the dogs out for a bit before the rains come again..

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