Friday, May 27, 2011

Image transfers and Pitching a tent

As you can see I received my collage exchange a few days ago and posted them yesterday...Already made some connection with the artists that made the pieces...That's whats so cool about the Internet and how we can be connected to others across the big waters...Well I'm delighted to have this work. 

Been receiving some emails from some of my students about finding the Image Transfer paper...or HP presentation soft gloss Laser seems they don't make it any more...discontinued it I guess every place out there that says they have it don't...So I'll be on a experiment journey to see if I can find a new paper to use...that's how I found this paper before it was discontinued...Rats!   that happened with the white tape too.. Now I have to order it in 24 rolls at a crack and from a place in Texas it's not the same white tape I use but it does the trick...

this is a old picture

Seems this morning we had a Opossum fest going on as of a mother with four babies on her back and the father trailing behind or it could have been a younger one for years past...not sure. But what a site to see the little ones clinging to her back...I think they went under our front deck...they won't stay long their more nomadic creatures usually sticking out in one area for a few weeks...The Skunks have been present too so it's watch out when you let the dogs out!!

Today also is the day that my father in law passed away...been 5 time goes by fast.  We miss him dearly...All his crazy things he'd say and how he love to shop for a good deal and he really had a wonderful way to enjoy life...I remember fishing with him up in Wisconsin with the Beaver in the bay letting us know we were getting a bit to close for his or her comfort...The smack of the tail across the water was an echoing sound across the morning landscape.   And he was a fun guy to fish with too...many times almost got a lure in the hair...he wasn't one for loving a lure that was stuck in the lake weed...he pull and pull and then Swoosh" right by my head I hear that lure fly still on the line...Forever our love to you Dad...Grumpy Gray and you old fart~

I was able to cut up 12 backings and 12 mats for next month and then when I was hanging out in the studio I was able to make the first collage of this new venture..which will be shown in June...and up for sale..I called it High Winds as yesterday there were some nasty winds going through..I'll posted in a few days...I so wanted to do it now but will wait..

I little of this again and a little of that....This day I can pitch my tent at the St. Charles show...I do want to get my dogs out with the rain the past two day they've been cooped up a bit and especially the big guy Hank needs to get that puppy energy out so we will walk this morning and then I've got to head to LaGrange to pick up a piece I want to put in the fair this weekend..

All is as it is and my stone I picked today said  "adopt the pace of Nature"  I so love that saying..fits so well.

Packing a lunch and some water and I'll be ready to rough it a bit while I pitch that Art Fair Tent...

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  1. You have such lovely memories of your father-in-law. They will remain with you always. What a funny possum (that's what we call them in Australia). Nice post Laura.


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