Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home and a bit wet but smiling

 some collage sketches today ...with the rain I use the time wisely.

Just played a bit in the little black collage sketch book I have. 

I couldn't help but thinking about the times when my mom would let us run outside when it was raining with shorts and get all wet sometime really muddy too, what great fun we had...So with that memory I can sure feel better about taking down a tent in the rain...there were some scary times today that the winds came unexpected and gave the tent a shove...scared my booth neighbor a bit with the pottery.  I waited out the first blast and then thought maybe I'll stay but the word spread fast that another line was coming.. the husband called then and said he was heading out to help..Now that I'm home and it's 4 pm things  calm I could have waited it out but everyone in my row was packing up so I did too. We could at that point if we wanted to.   When I was about ready to start taking my sides down the lady across from me yelled out from behind her tent side...they were looking for you I think you won an not sure I decided to go looking for the people and was lead into Choral Blue bar where they were all trying to dry off.  I had to ask feeling weird but best ask..."did I win an award, and they said "yes you did"...all of us wet and they decided to raise the umbrella at the table with our drowned rat looks and congratulated me...I said we got to know the bad days of art fair showing  well to know when a real good day of shows comes by...  All I know was I was saying my prayers that know one got hurt and as far as I can tell they didn't but there were a few broken tents laying by the garbage cans....I just saw on facebook about some of the trimline tents that everyone always lives by and says are the best...Mine it an old one about 16 years maybe..I bought it used... anyways in the picture I saw a whole group of the tents were down-trimline ones at that and I guess someone got hit with a tent weight...Nasty winds Ok enough rambling I'm going to relax cause tomorrow is setting up the tent to dry out then pack it up again..but it all fits in the Transit..I did scale back a bit but it worked so I'm happy.


  1. Congratulations on your award. Sounds like you deserved it after all the trials with the weather. Glad you're safe and warm again.


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