Thursday, May 05, 2011

Hank at 10 month old

Had to post a picture of Hank (the black great dane)...he's 10 months old...old couch so all pups are welcome...humans have to find another place to sit... just could pass up the moment and the sleep baby..As you can see our old wood floors can take a lot of wear and tear..and wash up nice...just like an old farm to love it. 


  1. Those long legs are amazing!

  2. Oh Hank! He's just stretching out there...a good nappie for a growing boy.

  3. Laura... I have wondered how much bigger Hank has gotten and this photo is perfect for telling!! It looks like he getting almost to big for this sleeping spot!!! I am sure it has been a joy watching him grow and change. Hugs to you!!


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