Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things

So I have no images to show you today (art work images) as I've been busy making papers for the workshop this weekend at the Carmelite Spiritual Center right here in my neck of the suburban neighborhood.  It's a wonderful place, I've got to a many book discussion, Reviving Ophelia, Women who Run with Wolves and a few other...(there food is wonderful too)  So was invited to present a 3 hour collage workshop to a group of woman (30) and they are all have or in the middle of dealing with some form of Cancer. I was so honored to be ask by Carole Wilson to do this... I'll be packing up the supplies now and checking my see lately I've been forgetting things so I made up a general list for all workshops I do and then I can just print it off and go down it and cross off or check it that I have it packed.  I would think I was an expert at this..Oh that's right I was thinking that and that's how it forgetting things...letting that head swell a bit.

Other things going on....

My order of 100 boxes and clear bags came in yesterday and I will be working with my oldest daughter (hope soon) on a some labels and marketing stuff to put on them as I would like to start some sort of online art sales...I was thinking once a week I would post a piece of new art work...What do you thing?  I was thinking of Tuesday's as the day and call it Tack Down corny?  We don't know if it will work but going to give it a try...In preparing for this I will have to think about it as it is something I have to do each week and keep it up so that it builds on it self...It's one of my Risk Taking ideas, I've been hearing direction while out on my walks in the woods now for I'm going to give it a listen too.

Next on the agenda is a 3 day workshop scheduled for July waiting for responds from the art league I'm working with. 

And I've heard about my Graphics for the Transit...I'm going for it they may be ready this weekend or the beginning of next week.  So cool... I feel like a little kid..been saving for it and all excited..

Well to our surprise this morning, the husband called me to the front door to look out over the Dale Basin and there was a Male Ring Neck Pheasant...not this one above but looked really close to it and then it flew off over the field of cat tails and to the back yard of the neighbors on the other side.  Wow..these are things that get me excited...I grow up with them all the time in our back yard then little by little they faded away and to see them now here between the homesteads again is really a sign.   We had a coyote a few weeks ago come by about 4:30 in the late afternoon a bit mangy..hope he makes it through...

I've been working on my collage sketching for my class which will start back up on this next Tuesday.  I'm pretty excited about it as I miss it and miss seeing the students..we will be working on Canvas and Clay/Cradle board so I'm really excited for them.  Need to do a little preparing for that.

Contacted Dillman's to check on things and I'm just getting way to excited...I've not looked at map to really see how far away it is but I'll be driving at lest over 9 hours..Big road trip. 

The brain is going a mile a minute there...

Still I would like to add a few good orderly directions thoughts for the struggling, sick and one just stuck in their own muck..that they find the way to some happiness.

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