Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Photo's from class today-Session 2 NAL

The two photo's above are Eileen piece she created last week and today...
These are Linda's piece...
Rachelle's piece's  working with some of the backgrounds of a past class we had together...
Melissa created papers today to go with her piece and some things she left at home so she's got a good start. Also she brought in Little donuts for us today..
These are a few completed or almost completed piece I've been working on through the weekend doing demo's all over the place and a few I just added in... Might still go back into a few.

Ruth, and Re, were both tending to there sick ones and themselves and couldn't make the last class but the next one will start up April 5th...we will be working on three different substrates...Watercolor, Clayboard and Canvas.

Oh and I was brought beautiful Yellow Rose today...thanks Linda, Your a sweetie~ 
Off to have a few down days and then kick things up for Friday's Silent Auction at Starbucks...

Happy Fat Tuesday Everyone one!!

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