Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Last class of session 2 Naperville Art League today

I high tailed it out of the house early yesterday  morning to get a good 4 mile walk in the woods...lets say I power hiked it around the trail...it felt so go to regain some balance...I do feel like I live in two different worlds...I so easily could slip right in with staying out in the woods all day and night and making that my home and then I come to the need to create my work and then I've got piles/inventory of it all over the place so I've got to do a bit work getting it out there and making a bit of $ off it...but there is a balance and that was what I was working on yesterday to regain and restore the balance inner and outer...I took the dogs out, Hank got a bit extra walking time as he's got the energy to do that verse Carl our elder...but then I took them to the one park where they can really open up a good run and it so cool to watch them do that.   Back to tend to the homestead and have a great dinner...My oldest decided to make Potato soup and I pulled the BLT's Card out and it was simple and hit the spot. 

So on to the day at hand...I'm excited for the Session 2 class as they really are getting it and creating some great compositional pieces... we will finish up last weeks session and move on to create a few more pieces today...pulling it all together.. and then on to Session 3...watercolor paper, clay board and canvas...collaging on all the different surfaces. Naperville Art League

Hopefully some picture later. 


  1. Great to hear about the connections being made. Rock on!


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