Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just some ramblings...and solidering through

I really hate it when a piece isn't working and I shared this with the class one time and how does one get though it...I know that there is something not connecting as I would like it there's some fear there too about it and I just many have to tend to all the other stuff I've been putting off and let it be...I call it the incubation time of creativity and not a creative block...some things are coming through but not the way I feel comfortable with it.  could be it is a reflection of the inner stuff too, you know life that happens while your creating.. Some things have happened and not for the worse but changes and I'm really trying not to take them to heart and accept the change as a new opportunity.  Again there is a place I want to be in my art with a project and I'm not there. (a bit of frustration...) the job stuff that has to get done so I can be ready later on in the summer months so struggling with my own stuff to keep moving forward.   And on a good note I did get my 5 pieces in the Shoreline series completed and ready for where ever their headed next.(framed and wrapped for protection)  I've still not heard from the gallery so giving them about a week now It's time I give a phone call. There's facing a fear..I'll let you know how that all usually I babble on about everything.
I have to say while in the studio yesterday it felt good to be there even though I have many directions I'm heading, I know the other day I was feeling a bit overwhelmed but what every place I'm at it will pass there is a guarantee in that. Marching on like a solider..and can get through anything as long as they keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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