Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going deeper...but still floating, plus some artistic conversations.

I receive a daily meditation from White Buffalo every morning and this is part of what this morning is about..and I felt it was important to put some thought into...

We each have strengths and we each have weaknesses. Both the strengths and weaknesses are sacred. Life is sacred. We learn sacred things from weaknesses also. Therefore, all lives are developed through trial and error, strength and weakness, ups and downs, gains and losses - all of these are part of life and life is sacred.

I remember reading out of Julia Cameron's Artist Way...where she said..."if you want to work on your art you have to work on you life"...this is so powerful to me.  When the trails of life come by, even the mini ones I would like to look on them in a half full capacities, that these are opportunities for growth...One of the promises I made with myself long ago was I wasn't going to go stale and be a bump on the with all this rambling I've been doing I see that acceptance is a big part of learning and living through this life...So when some ones asks where do you get your ideas and inspirations for your work...I want to say from strengths and weakness, my ups and downs. and my gains and losses...but that might sound a bit odd....but really the ebb and flow of life plays a big part...

So now I show my Artistic Conversations with you from the Visual Art Journaling class..

Can I say that I love being Raw with of letting go of expectations and just being on the page...I call it Raw and the moment and present..


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all this, your work and your words. Cameron's words: "if you want to work on your art, you have to work on your life." . . absolutely true.

    I like them all, but particularly like the first one, as I'm finding (due to so much web looking), that I gravitate to monochromatic, and I love greyed colors. Nice grey/blue/green.

  2. Hmmm funny you mention about greys I've been attracted to them too.

    1. Working on life too. Learning IT STARTS WITH FOOD. Healthy gut, healthy bones and muscles equals the kind of healthy mind that I need to create my art work.
      Going to buy some tar paper today. You are always inspiring me. Thank you.


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