Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 2 of the Watermedia workshop at Naperville Art League

 In the picture, Ronnie, Jane, Marilynn(instructor), Eve, Mary and Helen.

 We went around to each other table to look at our works so far and what was going on with them and Marilynn shared so great ideas.
 Jane Wilcoxson's work.. some great layering going on...I loved it.

 Helen worked with some black papers to give the work vertical stability as Marilynn share with it us...that we sometimes forget about doing that to our works.

 Well after day one I went home and had to play around a bit more...being a student instead of teacher is a great experience and may aspects. First off I'm out of my comfort zone and I get to experience that and gain a better understand for when my own students enter into collage and haven't experienced it.. Second like I did find that I needed to work a bit smaller then the size she gave us to start with...so some how I found some comfort there...so used a 12 x 12 watercolor paper and taped the edges but the tape let the water seep through which I was welcoming that...love the way the watercolor does it magic.  Then as you can see I started to add a bit of paper...can't put the collage artist fully way when learning some thing new.. Marilynn seemed excited to have a few collage artist in the workshop, sounded as though she hadn't experience that before...so good on both sides..for the intructor and students.

I kept experimenting with the shapes and using the watercolor crayons too.  I was in my glory as of flashback were coming in from my youth as I sat at my grandfathers patio/plant/dinningroom table and colored in a coloring book while he ate his soup in a big bowl after getting off work from the bakery at 8 am in the morning on a Sunday...funny how the memory brought me right back there...I watched him eat his soup...the whole big bowl full.  So now back to the watercolor media workshop...I learned that I need to use the white space more in my work especially if working in watercolor and secondly...this piece was called safe so....I might want to keep that in mind when creating to get a little more risky with my work...I've got some great watercolor back grounds to launch from and I did enjoy Marilynn's wit and wisdom...another elder to watch out for...She going to enter every watercolor show all over the United States and I'm sure some in other countries this year...Love her drive and passion...contagious...

Now to get the body moving as I have a road trip into Chicago to drop off works  and pick up others and I would like to walk a bit around the few blocks and get my way to CAC's gallery so I can see some of the works in there...Marilynn said she gets out and views other works often and visits museums which is something I would like to do more too. See watch fresh works are being made out there.. Then I've got to put all art supplies away from the demo's and mini workshops I've been teaching so I can get back to my own works.  

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  1. Looks like a great workshop! Wish I had time. Love the examples you did!


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