Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Comfort in knowing I have everything I need

This morning I woke up with a very heavy list in my head already before I even came to the kitchen table.  Coffee and my morning pages were there as every morning and I have this morning thing where I now pick a rock along with my affirmation puzzle pieces...I have been writing back and forth to a dear artist friend who doesn't live all that far away but we've been friends along time and she sent me this wonderful saying so I have that this morning to look at next to my bird candles and my rock I picked...which says..."You have everything you need."   how comforting to pick that one this morning..cause in my morning pages I've been feeling like I want to be more content with the way things are.....

I have nothing to show of my big piece  for the MCS show...the pressure to finish it fast is causing a bit of creative block...so I'm easy back on it a bit and really seeking some inspiration all round me...I have the images and colors I want but the inner parts that I really want to express have made their way to the surface so being at this sensitive state with it I'm backing off on showing some pictures..and I have to be kinder to myself as if it doesn't get finish in time...so be it I have plenty that can fit into this show/exhibit for the Downers Grove Library..

Had a talk with my art buddy and cousin Doris few days ago and something stuck with me...She said I'm not doing what I want to be doing or it might have been... I'm not working in what I want to be working on... that stuck with me  and keeps coming up....you see I stray from this way to that like a ball on a string and I to am not working in what I want to be working in....I had a series started and with the workshop and preparing for them which I'm most grateful to be doing...I go a stray and my studio is a wholly mess and I scramble to make sense of it all and the words keep coming back...and now I switch them around and ask..."What is is that I want to be working on and in?....next question is am I?  why not?  and what do I need to do to be proactive to make that happen?   Oh alot of inspiration has come from that talk and the words I hear...Doris thanks for sharing...I keep sending up good thoughts for you too. 

I think I'll fit in a little morning walk in the woods before the rains come...Green is great! so is Brown but now I've had my share of it and I feel Green is Great!!


  1. Love reading your posts. Always a challenge to be kind to ourselves. It really is "the bottom line."

  2. Sending positive creative energy your way!
    Thanks for sharing. We all get blocked sometimes. Then we put pressure on ourselves that makes the flow so much harder to obtain.
    Remember to breathe and center.

  3. That is such a comforting thought - that we have everything we need. Because it is so true. Yes, there are wants here and there but having the needs fulfilled makes me feel grateful everyday.
    I hope your wants for your art making journey come clear to you soon.
    Enjoy the walk...

  4. Still unsure about the big piece I'm working on..Thanks for stopping in and sharing your inspiration with me..and the walk was good. adventurous but good.


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