Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heartfelt exhibit and the woods

 There's our Ms. Cindy Fields peeking up at us as she writes up a sale...
 My three wooden heart pieces.
 The Gallery space is down stairs in this great little area.
 Here are a few of the Art Tribe Gals...Mom, Cindy H, Maureen G.
 There was a nice crowd that came out for the evening...all of Naperville was hopping too.
 A few backs of some of the gals..Cheryl's there too next to Mom and Cindy at the center jewelry case housing the glass hearts.  (Mom is Cindy H. Mom, she's been at a few Art Tribe Meetings)
Tania's Large Heart for all to see as you come down the stairs to the Gallery.

The Reception started at 4 in the afternoon till about 8pm but I didn't make it till about 5 ish...doddling along I was... I guess I missed a few friends I know, sorry about that... But it was a really nice turn out of people and the Gallery looked great..Love was in the air~

I realized yesterday something was off early on in the day.. and then it dawned on me...I've not been out in the woods walking and I soooo... enjoy being out I put my boots on and made sure my hiking poles where in the Transit and off I went...there's a path out there that other have walked and so it made it a bit easier then cutting a new path..but it was so great to be reconnected and grounded...I didn't realize how off kilter I was. With the way the weather has been it's been really hard to keep up the walking like I would like to, but it seems that things are warming up a bit and that gives me a chance to fit it in..

Did a bit of sort of materials and ordering of new materials for the workshops and classes.. This weeks focus will be on that.... Plus I need to look at the art fair booth fees to pay too, and which ones really will fit in to the years agenda...choices..thankful for them.. now off to get geared up for winter hike. 

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  1. Looks like a great opening! Glad you got back to the woods.


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