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Friday, February 18, 2011

Couldn't help myself...I'm addicted to the rocks..

All Connected, 36 x 36 cradleboard collage with assemblage juried in to "Word and Numbers" Union Street Gallery, drop of is today... little road trip to Chicago Heights.

I have my bowl but I feel it needs to be filled a bit more...so I order another shipment of 60 rocks...sounds so goofy but yet so precious to me. I'm saying Yes to them. Everyone morning now I stick my hands in the bowl by the candle light, I can't see well so I take this all as meant to be and I pick a rock/stone... and this morning I picked "Kind words" and out of my puzzle cup I picked "keep it simple" all gentle reminds of good life skills to bring into my day...  I'm going to be heading out to drop off a big piece of art for a juried exhibit "Words and Numbers" and then I need to go set up for my Mini abstract Landscape workshop with Addison Art Guild. The most important part of the day is coming home and cleaning this homestead as it's really looking like we all were brought up on a farm or from that line of family genes...Oh heck I'm from that line of family genes.  You see we just have a bit more organic material laying around inside the house then most, especially with our Pony Hank(great dane 8mo. puppy)...I watched him yesterday run in the back yard, like a dirt bike was back there just flinging up the mud high in the sky.  So with that happening when the big Hankster comes in it's still stuck all over the place between his paws...some might have kringed already reading this as they picture it but our homestead is use to it...what a good washing of warm soapy water can do to the plywood floors is amazing...it reminds me of my Aunt Fran's and Uncle Ed House in Wild Rose Wisconsin... there was always the bit of nature all around you inside and out...Got to love it...and I'm use to it as the Husband works in the good old mother earth so we see and smell it daily... why am I off on this topic?..you got me?

Oh right I was sharing about cleaning the homestead...You see I've left a lot of doors open for new opportunities to come in and for me to say yes to and with that I've got work and loving it dearly but to keep the balance of it all I'm learning first hand how...Keep good care of you spiritual side..as I've been making sure I get my walks in the woods, I may have been over doing it a bit but soaking it up for the rainy days and then doing the husbandry of the homestead...I read some where not to long ago that doing the mundane keeps one sane and I can't tell you how grateful I'm  to have a visit from my step brother and his wife, whom we've not met come over to night with the load of things I doing I so need to keep sane so check my temp I'm glad I get to clean today...Workshop tomorrow and Taxes on Sunday and a very busy schedule from here on out...

Got to put that special outfit on now for cleaning and bust a move on the dirt and dust puppies in the homestead today..


  1. Such a great collage! Good luck with exibition!

  2. Love this piece, Laura! And love those rocks - I have to look into that. And puzzle bowl? Did I miss that one? And, oh yes, we have that earthly smell in our house too. The yard's a mess and oh that Henri!

  3. Hi! What a sweet idea with the stones...

  4. Thanks gals,
    Aprils the puzzle cup is using puzzles with small saying writen on the backs of them that I pick one each day...this morning I picked..One Day at a time...which is so great because I worried about messing up with my taxes...tomorrow when i do them and I really need to be in this day and only this day...then I picked the stone...Let myself learn...how beautiful to give permission to let myself learn...having a grand time with life...

  5. Love this collage. My daughter does the rock idea with paper, but I like the rock idea better.

  6. Hi Dolores,Oh I will take any little helpful hint for the day but yes I like the rocks and my puzzle piece for helpful guides to my day.. today I picked Be Yourself and first things first..

  7. All Connected is a wonderful piece. And a wonderful title!

  8. Great piece again! I picked up two rocks this morning and wow did my pages fill quickly!


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