Sunday, January 23, 2011

Took the day off

I took the day off yesterday, I had good intentions to hang out in the my studio all day and just enjoy it, the peace and let the creative juice flow...but I got the itch to do some visiting and decided to call up my cousin in Yorkville and visit her...Doris was home and I headed out..for some time now I was collecting some things and I wanted to give her a Christmas present I had made....On the ride out I was having some problems with the wiper blades on the Transit and when I got to Doris's I needed to get the ice that was stuck on there off... Doris yelled out, "it's a sheet of ice out there"  and before I knew it I was laying flat on my funny I was laughing at myself as I was dressed in a long dress and feeling good about that...and glad to report there was enough padding that there is no major damage done to the body..all working fine.  So we had a nice visit...missed seeing Ojo..but all the rest were willing to share their love with me and it was so good to see the four legged friends. I sensed a bit of emotion that was welling up in her...little did I know till this morning as I read my morning meditation books(I write birthdays and special things to remember from year to year in them)  that it was the second year of her father's passing...It's always amazing when I really listen to my heart and go with it what happens..being I just had a strong pull to visit her yesterday...I'm not sure what or how I would have reacted if I would have all happens the way it was to was a great visit..and I'm so glad I visited..she gave me a beautiful glass vase for flowers...silly me thought it was for the Beta sorry about that Doris..kind of awkward wasn't it..?

When I got home I gathered the mail and I received a surprise that I knew was coming but didn't know when...especially when your dealing with the State of Illinois.  I personally had a inner fight with this as of to spend the money..I have always wanted to get plates with the word  LNCROW 4, the 4 is for the four children I have and the Lonecrow part has a few different meanings for me but one that's not so deep is the beauty of a single crow flying across the lonecrow in the big feeling like I shouldn't be happy but I am...sounds so weird I know..but I still have a hard time making sense of it especially when I will have to pay each year the cost of having a special plate.... but I have it and it's something that just is now...


  1. I'm so glad you came and you certainly can use the vase for a betta if you'd like... glad you got your plates. Just a little bit of luxury you've earned!

  2. Yes a bit of luxury...good way to see that..thanks...


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