Thursday, January 20, 2011

setting the schedule..

Setting things up for the future and with cautions as of not to over book but don't want to pass something up...I'm set for October this year to show at the Downers Grove that means I have a goal...hmm love them goals..and I will be looking at what kind of show or theme I would like to present to the exhibit...And for the Indian Prairie Public Library here in my own home town I will be showing in 2012 March I believe and April I'll be have a small exhibit there too in one of the Display area with assemblages...means I've got to get busy...for that to

Now yesterday I picked up the form for Starbucks...seem I'm going to be doing a silent auction of one of my piece of stay tuned for that..

well got to keep the schedule in the studio so cutting time on the computer so that I can fit all the rest in..

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